Regional Exclusives

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Since 2005 Hunters & Frankau, along with the other companies that distribute Habanos in different territories around the world, have been invited by Habanos S.A. to bid for the chance to develop their own special cigars in some of the less well-known Habanos brands.

These cigars, made in limited quantities and for sale exclusively within their own markets, are known as Regional Editions.

All Regional Editions are made in certain non-global brands in standard Habanos vitolas (cigar sizes) that are, nonetheless, new to the selected brand.

Hunters & Frankau were among the pioneers of this project with the Ramon Allones Belicoso Fino, one of the very first Regional Edition releases.

Since 2005 the Regional Edition concept has been refined. Boxes are all now individually numbered and each cigar is dressed with a second band to identify the region for which it was made.

Between the years 2008 and 2011 Hunters & Frankau (as well as other distributors) were able to request two Regional Editions per year. In 2012 this was reduced to one.

Prior to 2011 all UK Regional Editions carried a second band with the words “Exclusivo Reino Unido” (United Kingdom). However, since then the words have changed to “Exclusivo Gran Bretaña” (Great Britain).